1) FullThrottle Staffords  only breeds healthy,sound purebred individuals of the breed. We use DNA testing for all ailments known to our breed that DNA tests are available for. No dogs with compromised health will be used for breeding.

2) Here at FullThrottle Staffords we embrace and use Natural Rearing  methods of care,We have had tremendous results from these methods and have strong healthy dogs even into their golden years.

3) We use conservative approaches to vaccines, pest control and minimize the use of toxins and chemicals in our environment. We utilize natural methods for cleaning and maintenance of our home and dogs.

4) We are happy to help and mentor others on how to use these methods themselves.



1) FullThrottle Staffords uses breeding stock that is of sound mind and bodies.No dogs with compromised health will be used in our program.

2) We breed to the breed standard in type and temperament.Our breedings are planned in advance, sometimes years in advance.

3) We do not and will not use our dogs to crossbreed or create designer breeds.These are AKC registered purebred Staffordshire Bull Terriers.

4) Our girls are bred before two years of age and when their health tests have been done.They not bred back to back and are generally retired by 6 years of age.

5) All of our breeding stock is AKC registered and health tested.