Health Information

Exercise/ Conditioning

Dogs require exercise and social interaction just as we do.It keeps their minds and bodies healthy and sharp as well as cuts down on unwanted behaviors.A tired dog is a good dog as they say.You may find playing with and exercising your dog just as rewarding for you as for them.

Good ways to exercise or play with your dog includes walking,swimming,biking,hiking,playing ball, or participating in fun dog sport activities.Always keep the exercise appropriate for the age of your dog.Seniors and puppies have different needs then young,adult dogs would have.Also keep weather and climate in mind, Staffords overheat easily and winter sports can result in frostbite if care isn’t taken.

A healthy well balanced dog is a happy dog.Exercise,stimulation, and a healthy weight makes a nice dog to live with.

Health Testing

Here at FullThrottle Staffords we believe in health testing.We test for L2GHA/HC, CERF, and Cardio.As more health tests become more available we will implement them into our list of tests.
Health testing protects our future generations of Staffords and helps clear the gene pool of genetic concerns.

L2GHA- DNA test available
HC- DNA test available
Cardio –
Hips/Elbows –

                                                                   DM –




Atopic Dermatitis-


The Holistic/Natural Approach

Natural rearing is more then just feeding holistic dog food.We avoid pesticides,toxins, and chemicals in the care of our dogs. We use very minimal vaccines and choose titers instead in our adult dogs.Some vaccines contain Gentamicin, a hazardous ingredient,they use it as a carrier agent.We use natural substances for pest control as well. We utilize homeopathic and holistic products whenever possible.

There is many options for natural pest control,please consider looking into them.We offer support if anyone has any questions, we are also students of the Natural approach as well.

Use fresh food and supplements along with their regular food.We work on building up and protecting the immune system to protect our dogs from a world of unwelcome things that can harm them.

Our Feeding Program

What We Feed: We try to keep an holistic/Natural feeding and healthcare program as much as is possible.

1) A high quality holistic dry dog food as a base
2) raw meat, a variety of kinds,organic and grass fed preferred
3) Organs,eggs,and fish as an alternative to the meat
4) veges and fruits.Some veges need to be cooked to be digested.
5) a good vitamin supplement such as Rogue Pet Science, Animal Naturals, Springtime Inc, BullyMax, Natures Farmacy or  Seameal.
6) Olive oil,fish oil, coconut oil,
7) joint supplements( natural brands) and bovine gelatin

In addition to the above menu, we also sometimes include Raw honey,ACV,Blackstrap Molasses,raw wheat germ,bee pollen, and garlic.These are only occasionally added,with the exception being the Blackstrap Molaasses which I add to the senior dogs diet as it strenghtens their joints and helps prevent Arthtritis.