1) No puppies will be held for individuals without a deposit. Puppies are placed on  first come,first serve basis.

 2) We do not breed for color, we breed for balanced, correct, typy, healthy dogs  and first rate temperment.

3) We breed to the standard in weight and size.. We strive to stay within those boundaries with our breeding program.

4)  We encourage families who have a pup from us to attend socialization and obedience classes. Well behaved

family  members are a joy to have around.

5) We cannot guarantee show quality pups at 8, 10,12 weeks old.

6) No puppies will be allowed to leave with their new families before 8 weeks of age,10 weeks being preferable.

7) We will not place pups in homes with intact dogs already living in the home..

8) We do have a puppy contract which puppy families are welcome to review before they  purchase the puppy.

9) Please be aware that in our contract that we do require that our puppies/dogs do not attend doggy daycares

or dog parks. This not the breed for those activities. 



  1.  Once you’ve been approved,have reviewed our contract and chosen a puppy a $200 deposit must be placed to

 hold your puppy. The puppy choosing process can take awhile as it is hard to choose your new family member

   right at birth. The remainder of the fee’s must be paid before you can take your puppy home. No dog or puppy

 will leave the breeders home without full payment.

2. The deposit is a sign of committment on your part.  Be sure of your decision.

3. If at a later date the buyer wishes to return his puppy or dog a refund will not be given, but the buyers will help rehome the dog or puppy or take the dog or puppy back. If the dog or puppy is then resold those funds will be 

, minus any fee’s the breeder had to cover for the rehoming process.